The Hometown feel is built on a history of dedication and experience.

Not long after owner Sam Gorgone began investing in and managing rental properties of his own, people began asking for his help with their property investments. It was then that Sam developed the business plan for Hometown Property Management Services. It was his goal to create a company that would assist other investors by using his own philosophy as a solid foundation for success: Lease quality living spaces to qualified renters at a fair market value.

Hometown was launched in 2009. Confident in this win-win strategy, Sam Gorgone left a successful corporate career behind and has never looked back. From Hometown’s downtown office on beautiful North Duke Street in the heart of Lancaster City, the company continues to thrive. Hometown’s team is dedicated to a methodology of superior services which support the economic and civic growth of Lancaster County.

We are proud to foster quality relationships and contribute to the community and local economy. It is our pleasure and privilege to be involved in numerous Lancaster philanthropic causes such as The Extraordinary Give, Habitat for Humanity, Lancaster Fire Foundation and Lancaster City Alliance.

For more information on our local involvement, connect with us on social media: Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn!