Hometown Property Management serves the owners of countless multi-unit and single-family rental properties. We are growing. Our involvement with local development projects, such as the Keppel Building renovation, keeps us at the forefront of industry data analysis for projected rental pricing, developmental planning and the resourcing of interior amenities. All this knowledge is utilized as part of the overall maintenance of every property we manage, bringing clients affordable options for better returns over time.

Multi-unit rentals have their own set of challenges. With Hometown’s modern management systems, procedures and protocol, we master it all with polite professionalism and technical expertise. The nature of the multi-unit rental is often complex. From plumbing and sewer systems to human interactions while sharing both resources and services, Hometown has the experience and diligence to handle the challenges linked to the many moving parts of multi-unit rentals.

Single-family rentals make up a large amount of properties that Hometown manages throughout Lancaster County. Investors purchase properties for a number of reasons. Whether with intent to lease, convert from owner occupied to rental or simply as a solution for an unsuccessful attempt to sell, our dedication to your property remains the same. You want your property diligently guarded against unwanted change or unwelcome damage. We understand that. This is unequivocally what we do.