Hometown’s thorough communication is vital to partnership success. Our owner-clients rest assured that we are there when they need us. From discussing investment strategy to property maintenance, we support you to work through any issue with knowledge, experience and a history of successful solutions. Every owner will walk away feeling the luxury of white glove service; as if they are the only client we have.

Effective Tenant Screening is the key to low vacancy. Finding a qualified tenant is perhaps the most important part of leasing a property. Hometown uses a robust system to quickly and ethically screen all applicants; analyzing credit score, payment history, source of income and national criminal report. Every single prospective renter goes through this process with a trained “Hometown eye” to determine eligibility.

Hometown Property Management Services is proud of our exemplary low delinquency rate among our rent roll. For those that are delinquent or behind on payments, we analyze every situation on an individual basis. Many times we work with tenants to coach them on how to catch up with payments, but are never hesitant to use the court system to reclaim the property if necessary.

We understand that you want and expect prompt payment. Collecting and depositing rents from tenants and distributing disbursement and statements to our owner-clients are of the highest priority at the beginning of each month. We also send out annual statements automatically for tax purposes, and it’s all paperless if you want.

Hometown tracks daily incoming rents and outgoing statements so that our clients receive their funds timely; sending owners their money faster than anyone in the business. All Hometown clients can also receive free direct deposit to further speed processing.