The Trapeze Artist

by HTPMSadmin

Trapeze Artists are known for their strength and flexibility; but mostly for their courage. It takes a lot to stand on a platform, stories above, and swing from one trapeze rope to another. Even with that tried-and-true safety net below, it still takes the confidence and guidance of others to suck it up, jump off that platform and go for it.

I recently went through a career change, leaving a solid job to go out and build Hometown Property Management Services. It was a risky and scary deal indeed, but as a colleague of mine had pointed out, I was just letting go of that trapeze to grab hold of the next one swinging my way; the one that would lead to a more independent and hopefully more successful and better career.

Sure, letting go of that trapeze took courage. It took emotional strength and a safety net below. But without the confidence and guidance of friends and family, I’m not sure I would have jumped off that platform to go for it. Sometimes it’s not until you start looking around that you find out how many people are actually on your side.

So with that said, thank you to all that have helped get Hometown launched and who gave me the courage to jump off that platform.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to friends and family when you feel that need for change in your life. You may be surprised by how quickly people come to support you. And once they do; build that safety net, jump from that platform, swing across the air and reach for that next trapeze that’s coming your way. You might never look back and be happier than ever.

Welcome to Hometown Property Management Services. Stay tuned for more blog posts, providing you with tips on apartment hunting, home safety, insurance, on-line bill pay, advice on searching for and choosing investment properties and much, much more.

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Sam Gorgone, Founder, Hometown Property Management Services

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